Tex S. Taxpayer Series

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Tex S. Taxpayer license plateThe genesis of the Tex S. Taxpayer Series project is rooted in the fundamental challenge that all individuals and families struggling with homelessness face on a daily basis - how to get people to see beyond the word "homeless" and all that entails? "Homeless" is a barrier that precludes too many people from giving our residents a chance.

The purpose of the project is to move the public, the Tex S. Taxpayer - (you, me, all of us), to take constructive, positive action on the issue of homelessness. The project intends to accomplish this task by:

In order to move the public to take constructive, positive action on the issue of homelessness, Green Doors has created a series of targeted, impactful video shorts that tackle directly why individuals and families end up homeless and the societal cost of not adequately addressing the issue.

There are three videos in the first phase: the first video focusing on the causes of homelessness, specifically through the lens of veteran homelessness; the second video focusing on educating the public on who are the homeless, highlighting family homelessness; and the third video focusing on the societal costs of homelessness from a health care perspective. Each video currently runs from 30 to 45 seconds.